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To do away with all the malpractices of the system/approach being carried out to run the business, profession or other activities, so that the same Income Earning Platform may do well, reduce cost in Administration exps., Personal exps. or so on along with enhancement of efficiency, right way of doing business, long survival thereof with right way of taking decision when business is either on the path of increase or decrease. In fact, we more concentrate to avoid the invisible losses rather to earn there from by taking care on some routine aspects of the business. We do less stress on visible profits/losses by assuming that everyone has their own understanding in these matters in accordance with their own circumstances.

During the course of our business analysis we couldn’t find the answers to many of our questions like why two equally wealthy person having same business, market share, other relevant supports at one time, do reach at different platform after a certain period. Is it really the game of so called LUCK that lead two equally qualified & experienced persons at different milestone or there are some other factors that becomes the main reasons for the creation of such a big or small gap in their respective positions. 
This question motivated us to go further in this subject and do study & analyse the working system of number of organizations. After collection of data from various sources, we synchronised & compared the way of doing work of different managements with each other to reach at a solution. Then in such a long exercise, we could collect all the relevant information we desired. The major challenges before us in doing so was to identify the shortcomings in the system, in the execution of policies or in other managerial work, to analyse the way of doing the particular work in an Organization and to find out correct procedures to do the same action in future so that best results can be derived. 

No, absolutely not. It is all on the right way of doing your work in the organization. We do not suggest on the selection of particular business/profession or any other income earning activity, weather that is good or not. We serve in analysis of right or wrong acts which are not in the interest of the business which you are carrying on by your own choice. 

We provide services to all the business concerns may be of big, medium sized or small units. We make study, analyse & suggest in almost whole of the working area of Top Management of a business that they do in routine or even at the time of expansion/ new establishment of business

Well it is a matter of satisfaction that people are doing well in their establishments. Here we would like to mention that number of things one might be having already in his knowledge. As we know that all of us must have heard number of teachings from our parents about doing or not doing some things which would be in our own interest. We listened and kept those teachings in our mind for some time. As time passes, those lessons gets start to be dim in our memories and one day this completely abolished there from and we starts to do as there was no such teachings came to our life from our parents, teachers or other experienced and learned persons. Now one day after long time we face same problem which could otherwise be avoided had we follow those teachings in our life. A new person or advisor comes in our association who have many solutions including those above said in his mind who didn’t forget. He advice us to follow same learning to overcome the respective problem. On his reminder, we do accordingly and get succeeded in solving the problem. Once at that time, many persons used to say that this I came to know since long ago when I was so young, but now could not recall. 
This can be more under stood by way of a simple but universal true example i.e. every child came to know from his parents that ice water shouldn’t be drink to avoid throat problem. Ok we listened and did accordingly for few days & then gradually forgotten. Now when we approach to doctor due to having throat pain, he asks us what was eaten or taken in drink before this throat infection? Before narrating whole the story to Doctor, half the reason as well as solution immediately comes to our mind which sooner get confirmed when doctor advice not to drink iced water along with some other instructions. 
Here, We have also made some efforts to recall those simple learnings because when easy solution of a problem exist, then why to go for the complicated or for the professionally contained solutions.

Pl. note that every business takes birth from ones’ own efforts
However, as regards your question, there may be so many answers. I describe here a few out of them. A good number of parents avoid to point out the shortcomings of children particularly when they are young(children) and involved in looking the affairs/matters of the business. They(Parents) either have little bit fear or something else in their mind that their child may feel or dis-hearted on being pointed out his/her mistakes. Even I have seen in number of cases that one parent remains interested to pin point the mistakes of his child so that he might not repeat this again in his life. But other part stop him/her for doing so just because of above said reasons or might be other which is called either PUTTER PREM or PUTTARY PREM. In other words SON’S LOVE & AFFECTIONS or DAUGTER’S LOVE & AFFECTIONS.
The other reasons which I came to know from many people that many children himself are not ready to listen good teachings from his parents. This happens generally in young and more educated children who perhaps think that their knowledge or way of doing the business is much better than their parents. All of we know that a teacher’s own child do not so sincere or in discipline in the class of his/her own parent than in the class of other teachers’. 

It may be of commercial, financial, personal and matrimonial.

We patiently here both the parties, analyse the facts on the basis of our experience and draw conclusion with wrong & right aspects of the case. By using systematic strategy, we point out the mistakes to the concerned parties. Couples who are really willing to re-coalition even after partition, certainly get benefits from such type of advice subject to they agreed upon their mistakes and committed to make corrections therein. 
For example, in the Bollywood film “THAPPAD”, Had the Actress been made to understand about the state of mind of Actor at that particular time when such incidence happened as well as Actor must have been mentally prepared to ask for sincere SORRY again n again to his wife, re-coalition might be possible if such case come to us in real life.

No. We do not disclose the privacy of any case particularly when the information is about of personal & matrimonial case. Secrecy of each such case is particularly being taken care of.